Walkabout Cultural Presentation


By Aunty Robyn Davis and Uncle Eddie King



Aunty Robyn is a Wadi Wadi elder from the Swan Hill & Balranald area. She is also a renown aboriginal artist and ordained minister.

Indigenous Advisor and Cultural Consultant.


Uncle Eddie is a Durhug man from the Hawksbury river area in Sydney who has owned his own business for 40 years.

Recipient of the 2009 NAIDOC Unsung Hero award.


Together they conduct Walkabout Ministries traveling to isolated Aboriginal communities Australia wide.



Walkabout Cultural Presentations are presented mainly to Primary and Secondary School children but can be adapted to any audience in any place and are inter-active and informal.


Presentations include……

 *   cultural education -- sharing of cultures.

*   community life in other places – traditional communities & town life

*   appreciating Aboriginal art -- how to tell the story, what to look for.

*   opportunity for practical involvement.

*   handling of Aboriginal artifacts

*   playing didgeridoo and clapsticks.

*   explaination and presentation to each student of Aboriginal desk flag.


Walkabout Cultural Presentations are very popular and well received by students and teachers alike, giving both a new understanding of an ancient culture in a positive and honest way by presenters who have a true heart for reconciliation.




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