There are six "Nara Dreamers" behind all this:


Bill Whitbread

Anne Conway

Robyn Davis

Eddie King

Trina Dalton-Oogjes

Herman Oogjes


Please Scroll down to read about each team member (not all writeups here as yet but they will be!!!)



Anne Conway


Anne is probably best known as a singer and was a professional country music artist for many years and has many awards and several albums to her credit.


Sadly she is no longer able to sing due to health issues and actually has trouble talking too (not that that stops her talking for one moment).  Ongoing surgery and treatment has improved her situation over the past few years.


Anne has turned her hand to photography - in particular wildlife photography and has some work on display and for sale.


Anne also attends to most of the administrative side of Nara Dreaming which is a big job given the diversity of our project.


Anne retired from the paid workforce back in 2013 but is still kept very busy as she is the Business Manager of Phoenix FM 106.7 and also a member of the Committee of Management.   She does present Koori Shout-Out twice a month but other than that is not heard on air.


Anne still has CD albums available for sale



Bill Whitbread



Multi-Award winning photographer, Bill Whitbread is truly following his family tradition.  Bill’s late father was an award winning photographer back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and his mother (also now deceased) produced exhibition paintings until she was in her early eighties.


Going back even further, Bill’s paternal grandmother was the “family photographer” in days when having a camera was a rarity.


Bill proudly traces his heritage back to the Third Fleet (1820) and has extensively researched his family history which includes photographs taken  of his family in the 1880’s.  Bill’s family owned (and still own) a Cobb and Co Staging Inn at Avisford, (run by ex-convicts) just out of Mudgee and Bill is proud to be able to share his heritage through his photography.


Bill’s forté lies in his ability to capture the beauty of Australia—her outback, her cities and her fine architecture.


Bill has had many of his works published in various magazines, newspapers and they can be seen enhancing the covers of several cassette and compact disc albums.


When you choose to purchase a Bill Whitbread work you can be assured of having a limited edition, personally signed photograph which will bring a unique piece of Australia into your home.





Robyn Davis



I am a Waddi Waddi woman 

with family connections to

 Wergia and Wemba Wemba.


I was born in Balranald, my 

traditional country is the 

Swan Hill and Moulamein 

area – where my family still 

live and have strong ties to 

the river and the bush.


I have always lived in the  Mallee and river country of

 the Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers. I love the red sand, the beautiful stunted forms of the mallee trees and the soft grey/blue of the saltbush.


I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. The elements of the land and bush feature in most of my paintings.


I now live back in Balranald - my birthplace  


I have a strong Christian faith and believe that God has given me his gift of being able to put my thoughts onto canvas for others to see and enjoy. 


You will find a small gold cross in each of my paintings to symbolize the presence of God with me while I painted.

 God bless.




Trina Dalton-Oogjes


I am a Wathaurung Woman.

Born on Gunditjmara Country (Warrnambool) and now living on 

Dja Dja Wrung country, 

I feel connected to all these communities and it is shown in my paintings.

All my paintings have a story and a spiritual connection. Through art, I express my connection to my heritage, my community and country. 

I find painting relaxing and let each piece come to life. And depend on how I feel this will influences the colors I use from hot pink, to yellows, blues and browns and much of my inspirations comes from animals and the Australian landscape. 

My style is contemporary Aboriginal art with a combination of crosshatch and dot work, preferring to work with acrylic on canvas or ceramic, but sometimes I divert to other mediums at different times with basket weaving and wood burning. 

I enjoy traveling around different areas from the bush to the coastal areas gathering inspiration from the land and sea for my works.

I have been interested in art & crafts from my early childhood, being encouraged to experiment with different forms of mediums and then later on concentrating on acrylics on canvas with exhibitions and sharing my culture with others 


We also have other people who very generously offer their time and help us out - particularly at our Opening.


Debbie Penhall   prepares much of the food served at our Opening Night  - all home made


Dawn Baxter also prepares and serves food at our Opening Night.


Diana Collier is a great help on our Opening Night just helping out wherever she can







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