What does Phoenix FM bring to the community of Bendigo?

Central Victorian Community Broadcasters Inc. (trading as Phoenix FM) was established in December 2006 when a group of concerned citizens felt the need to bring back true community radio to the Bendigo Area.  Amongst these citizens were firmly established radio presenters with over 100 years experience between them.  Phoenix FM was given as a name because of what it symbolized in history.   Greek Mythology tells the story of the Phoenix (eagle) dying and bursting into flames and from these ashes a new Phoenix would be born.  Such a fitting name for this new radio station, as it represents itself as a brand new entity in the restoration of Community Radio.


Phoenix FM are a true to life group of extraordinary people who not only challenge themselves daily but also encourage and challenge those in the community who have an interest in radio to become a member and present a show of their own.  There is no discrimination with regards to who can join Phoenix FM and this has been evident with the inclusion of Ethnic groups who present their music and news in their own languages, Indigenous programs where Indigenous presenters encourage the members of their community to come into the studio to help present culturally appropriate music and news.  There are also provisions made for those in the community who have disabilities, with specialized equipment being made available for their use when possible.


The Youth of Bendigo are certainly not overlooked with Youth Radio running each day after school Monday to Friday.    Specialized programs such as poetry, specific genres, of music, talk back radio also have a place in the programming schedule as well as a great mix of popular music.  Phoenix FM also presents religious programs, currently of the Christian faith but open to all.  Phoenix FM also takes great pride in its sports programs where presenters produce high quality sports programs and we have the demonstrated capacity to broadcast football and other events live.


Phoenix FM is determined to remain loyal to the community of Bendigo by operating a pure community based radio station that all members of the community can access and partake in.


All the hard work did not go unnoticed by the authorities and Phoenix FM was granted a full time licence and our own frequency (we had been broadcasting part time on a shared frequency) and we went to air full time on our ne frequency of 106.7FM at 12.05pm on 31 March 2010.  We also stream on the World Wide Web and many thousands of people across the globe access Phoenix FM each month.


If you know of any programs that you would like to hear more of, or feel that there should be a program of a particular type being presented on air please feel free to contact Phoenix FM and let us know what you think.


Phoenix FM always encourage the community to give feedback




So Why not become a Member today?


All contact details and membership costs can be found overleaf.




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