Bill Whitbread


Multi-Award winning photographer, Bill Whitbread is truly following his family tradition.  Bill’s late father was an award winning photographer back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and his mother (also now deceased) produced exhibition paintings until she was in her early eighties.


Going back even further, Bill’s paternal grandmother was the “family photographer” in days when having a camera was a rarity.


Bill proudly traces his heritage back to the Third Fleet (1820) and has extensively researched his family history which includes photographs taken  of his family in the 1880’s.  Bill’s family owned (and still own) a Cobb and Co Staging Inn at Avisford, (run by ex-convicts) just out of Mudgee and Bill is proud to be able to share his heritage through his photography.


Bill’s forté lies in his ability to capture the beauty of Australia—her outback, her cities and her fine architecture.


Bill has had many of his works published in various magazines, newspapers and they can be seen enhancing the covers of several cassette and compact disc albums.


When you choose to purchase a Bill Whitbread work you can be assured of having a limited edition, personally signed photograph which will bring a unique piece of Australia into your home.


Bill can post your photograph to you in a tube or else post it fully framed.  He also has photo-cards available - please send us an email to see how we can help you


This web site is still under construction (slow construction) and down the track a little we will have examples of Bill's work up for you to see.  If you would like to see anything in the meantime please go to the Contact Us Tab and send an email perhaps saying what type of work you are interested in - hope to hear from you






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