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Nara Dreaming


Nara Dreaming was formed in 2010 when a group of six individuals decided that they would like to step out on a limb, so to speak and run Art Shows and other events, promote their product, raise funds for Charity without the constraints of a committee other than themselves or the perceived "rules" of the artworld.


We have jokingly referred to ourselves as the "wounded souls" because we all have a burning ambition to succeed but not if it means playing dirty or running other artists down - we have all experienced that and our whole aim is to operate on a very fair and level playing field.

The six of us  are very diverse and we all have different life experiences and backgrounds and we all have many years experience in our respective fields.  We have also involved other likeminded people to be part of our events.


Who are these six Nara Dreamers?


Anne Conway

Robyn Davis

Bill Whitbread

Trina Dalton-Oogjes

Herman Oogjes

Eddie King


Perhaps you may have read these names and think who??????  For this reason we have created a separate page for each of these people so that you can get to know us and perhaps even do business with us! Just click on one of the names to the left!


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